Overcome the fear of change - reach your goals

Change is never easy. There may be something you really want to achieve but the fear of change paralyses you. Career-wise, the fear of loss of income can stop us from taking action, especially if you have a family or financial obligations. Leaving aside money worries for now – how do we overcome the fear of change?

Here are some Ceek tips to help you embrace the powerful benefits of change and grasp the opportunities you’ve been longing for…  

Yes, comfort zones are cosy

As you consider the changes you’d like to make, you will also find that your comfort zone begins to shrink – enveloping you, make you feel all cosy and safe. Unfortunately, the only way to achieve your true potential is to step out of your comfort zone.  

Try baby steps. Make a list of career changes you’d like to make and start to work on them one by one. This could involve upping your skill set so that when the right opportunity comes along you won’t feel so afraid of the changes you’re about to make and excitement will take over!  

Tomorrow does come

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. Procrastination is your best friend when you’re terrified of change. You know you’ve got to get yourself organised – which could lead to great changes. You know you’ve got to start that job search – which could lead to a fantastic opportunity. You know you’ve got to update your CV – which may help you clinch the job of your dreams. So, why aren’t you doing it?!  

Procrastination is great when you can’t face the prospect of change and leaving your comfort zone. Yes, everyone procrastinates from time to time, but when it becomes a constant – you are in serious danger of stagnation. Create a plan and use your productive days to push forward – the days when your energy and enthusiasm are high. As long as you are moving forward in some way, tomorrow could be the day you see the change you were hoping for.  

You CAN have a positive mindset

Finally, there’s that sceptical voice, always talking you out of any changes that may be good for you. Combat negative thoughts with a positive one: 

  • I would be great at that job.  
  • But you don’t have the right skills. 
  • I will get the right skills. 


  • I love the look of this company. 
  • But what if you don’t get on with the team? 
  • I am a great person. I’m sure I can build a good relationship with my teammates. 


  • I am going to apply for this job – I think I have what it takes. 
  • But what happens when they realise you’re not good enough? 
  • I am good enough. I deserve this opportunity.  


To sum it up, you have to keep telling yourself you are good enough. Train your mind to see the positives in your abilities, then change will become less scary. ‘True life is lived when tiny changes are made.’ Make the decision to overcome the fear of change today.

If you’re looking to change your job or career direction, Ceek is here to help!  Get in contact with us today…