What to put in a CV - 5 tips for getting it right

There’s so much competition out there! Hitting the right or wrong note with your CV can make or break your job prospects.

Wondering what to put in your CV? Here are 5 top tips for getting it right:

Remember to KISS

Keep it Short & Simple! You need to impress a potential employer quickly, but still include enough information to showcase your achievements. The consensus appears to be one to two pages – maximum three. However, if your CV is one page and two lines, then cut it down to one. A couple of lines sitting on a page alone looks odd.

A good rule of thumb to follow would be – if you have less than 10 years of experience, then stick to one, and if you have more then make it two.

Personal data dilemmas

Unless there’s a good reason, there’s no need to add your marital status; whether you have family dependents; your date of birth; gender; or nationality. It is not required by law and is entirely up to you.

You should include an email address – you can create one just for job applications if you don’t feel comfortable giving out your own. Be sure to put your mobile number and double-check it’s correct. A LinkedIn profile link adds professionalism, but make sure your profile is well-presented before you do this.

Should you opt to have a picture, aim to match this with your LinkedIn profile photo. It will make it easier for employers to recognise your personal brand. You could also consider using a professional photographer. If you’re not sure whether to photo or not, you can always check with a recruiter.

Let yourself shine

Experience counts for a lot! Most recruiters or potential employers will look at what you have done before they look at your qualifications. This is your chance to let yourself shine. Highlight your key responsibilities and achievements in previous roles and validate them.

Numbers are also a great motivator for any employer. If, for example, you are applying for a sales role and you previously increased your company’s revenue by 20% – you should mention this!

Show your badges

Needless to say, it’s important to be honest about your qualifications. You don’t need to list everything you have ever done. Simply order your qualifications with the most recent first. Include the title, where you did your course, and the date. If you’re a graduate, highlight the core transferable skills gained from your degree.

Make yours count

Recruiters, HR Managers, and employers see hundreds of CVs so make sure yours is memorable, stands out and ticks all the requirements. It’s imperative that what you say remains relevant to the job you are applying for and highlights the value you can bring to the organisation.

The last thing, have your CV proofread! The worst thing ever is a job application with spelling and grammar mistakes. You’ll find that making the extra effort is so worth it.

If you’re looking for CV advice or further employment opportunities, contact us here at Ceek Recruitment, for our help!