5 signs you're ready for a job promotion

It is a proven fact that in 2021, one of the most important aspects job seekers look for in a new workplace is the potential for career growth. Career growth doesn’t simply mean a promotion, it means expanding your role (skillset) and diversifying within a company as well as earning the next steps.

There are no shortcuts to growing your career, but there are some indicators to help you know if you’re ready for a job promotion. Here are 5 signs to look out for...

You’re doing your job well and go above and beyond

Career growth, as the name implies, means you’re constantly striving to do your job well and make regular improvements to how you do things.

By the time you’re ready for a job promotion, you’re also contributing to the business outside your designated role and adding value to the organisation by way of suggestion, contribution, and stepping up when needed.

You’re able and willing, to take on more

Whilst some people are satisfied and fulfilled in their current job as is, and have no yearning to develop further, others want to achieve more.

If you’re ready for new responsibilities and a completely different set of challenges, chances are, you’re ready for the next step!

You’re the go-to person

Whilst not all promotions are managerial, most come with a new level of responsibility. Are you already a point of reference? Do you genuinely enjoy lending a hand? Are you a good problem-solver?  If any of these answers are a yes, you may already be stepping into a new role.

You work smart

One of our favourite mottos is ‘work smart’. It’s about finding the most efficient way of doing things and having a strong work ethic. Whether it’s budget, time constraints, or workflow challenges, people in senior roles often need to think outside the box and come up with smarter ways to work.  Your smart work could very well be leading you to your next adventure!

You’re confident

Confidence is the key to success. You’re confident in your work. Your voice stands out for all the right reasons. You speak up and share views that impact the company positively.

It’s not about knowing-it-all; it’s about being comfortable in your skin and making others feel the same way about themselves. You don’t hesitate to pitch ideas, admit your mistakes, make room for growth, and you’re never shy to ask questions. You’re a positive star and the only way from here is up.

At Ceek, we strive to place the right people with the right companies and help you find a role that will help you grow in your career. Whether you’re a company or a job seeker, speak to us today!