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2020 brought with it a number of drastic changes, and the world of work and employment is no exception. As a recruitment company, Ceek has adapted to this new way of working – our services have shifted 100% remotely, which has been a very intense and exciting challenge. It was by no means an easy feat, but here are some things we’ve learnt along the way!

Connections are Key


Suzanne Cutajar, Senior Recruiter 

Connections have always been important when it comes to hiring. Recruiters and hiring managers develop a number of skills, enabling them to assess people, and do it fast. Unfortunately in 2020, we’ve missed out on the HUMAN in HUMAN RESOURCES, but that doesn’t mean we no longer build meaningful connections.

At Ceek, our interviews are now held via video chat, and one of the best tips we can give you, both if you’re a hiring manager or the person being interviewed, is to master the skill of video calls. Make sure your connection is flawless, polish that camera, clear your background, and look your best. Video interviews can be tricky, but we do have some dos and don’ts to share.

Give Candidates their Space


Rose Pool, Senior Recruiter

One of the best parts about working from home is time management. Gone are the days when candidates spend 15 minutes looking for parking – we can now have interviews any time of day at the comfort of our own home. This flexibility can be translated to virtual interviews – I like to give potential candidates two to three time slots for them to choose the most convenient time.

If you’re recruiting in-house, this puts into practice your flexible work schedules, even before someone is accepted. We also know that working from home can sometimes mean getting caught up in work, so do send reminders to candidates prior to their interview.

Advertise your Adverts

Steph Ferguson Marketing Coordinator at Ceek Recruitment

Steph Ferguson, Marketing Coordinator 

It’s safe to say we’re spending most of our time online. From e-mails to social media to video calls, people are constantly bombarded with information, and if your job advert doesn’t quite catch their eye, you’re losing out on top talent.

Come up with a new plan for your marketing, and make sure your adverts stand out and are as informative as they can be. While disclosing salaries is entirely your prerogative, it is a vital piece of information that any new hire will want to know.

If your company has shifted to 100% remote, and plans on keeping this arrangement, you may want to consider opening up your adverts to other countries – there is a whole world of talent for you to explore!

Structure your Selection Process

Rachel Pool, COO 

Working remotely has led, on most occasions, to less communication between employees. What before was a shout-out across desks, is now a message or an e-mail, which can easily go unnoticed at times. It’s vital that your selection process for new hires is seamless – from application deadlines, to interview brackets, to time-bound tasks, keep every person involved in the loop, and do not expect miracles to happen overnight. A structured process will help to not miss out on top-talent, demonstrate to potential hires how organised you are, and also weed out any people who do not fit into your company culture.

Overall, remote hiring is not much different from in-person hiring – it requires more conscious efforts, a structure and meticulous planning to truly get the best the job market has to offer.

At Ceek, we constantly work to not only onboard the best candidates, but make hiring easier for companies. Want us to help? Get in touch!


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