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It is no secret that the professional world in Malta is highly competitive, making employee retention crucial.

One area that you cannot afford to overlook is your employees’ career development. If employees feel like they will not be able to take their careers further, it’s unlikely they’ll stick with your company.

The traditional model of having one career for the rest of your life doesn’t stick anymore – Millennials, and now even Generation Z, have the mindset of staying with a company for four-five years then moving on. So why not offer the opportunity to move on internally?

We’ve got three tactics to enhance employee development within your organisation:

Identify learning opportunities

Whatever industry you’re operating in, there’s always something new to learn. From emergent technologies, development of new operating procedures and best practices to seminars, conferences, and talks from key experts – the list is endless for your employees to dive into.

Keep your finger on the pulse – know what’s going on in your industry, not only locally but internationally as well. Then turn this knowledge into an opportunity for growth for your employees. They will appreciate it and this engagement will be remembered down the line.

Empower a sense of leadership

Depending on your organisation’s structure, one of the easiest places to start is by having your senior management mentor the more junior employees – there’s no better way to learn than from people who have racked up experience in the field. Empower your senior management to delegate more complex tasks and to oversee (but not micromanage) the work.

Empowering your employees to take ownership of a project or task shows them that you trust them to make key decisions. It will leave your employees empowered to take on leadership opportunities and will give them a taste of what career path awaits them.

Create personal, tailored development plans

One great way to engage your employees and to show them that you care about their career development is to sit with them and put together a detailed career development plan. It’s an exercise worth undertaking periodically, at least once a year. Keep a record of development to benchmark against metrics that you can mutually agree upon. This allows tangible and recordable growth.

By involving your employees in this discussion – they will feel more in control of how their career can progress and be more motivated.

Ceek Recruitment in combination with its sister company ThinkTalent has over 25 years’ experience in human resources and employee training, should you require any assistance in either of these areas, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help your business succeed.





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