talent sourcing in malta

We’re living through unprecedented times, with no way of being able to predict the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic, nor its implications on the economy and the workforce in Malta.

It’s a strange situation we’re facing on our little island. One of the main drivers of Malta’s economy is the tourism industry, and having our borders closed for an extended period of time can have a devastating ripple effect across all sectors.

Our team at Ceek Recruitment has put together a few reasons why working with a recruitment agency will help you find the right candidates for your vacancies in Malta, post-pandemic:

Find your fit with post-COVID strategies

In recent years, we’ve faced an employee’s market that traditional employers struggled to keep up with. The present situation, however, is a total upheaval, creating an oversaturated jobseeker’s market, which sounds like great news for employers in Malta, right? Well – not quite.

This could result in an increase in unsuitably qualified candidates applying for more senior roles with highly taxing implications on a company’s HR team – and this is where the solution of recruitment services becomes invaluable.

By connecting with a reputable recruitment agency to help with talent sourcing, you can rest assured that your pool of candidates will be filtered to include only those suitably qualified to fit your job vacancies and company culture.

Keep ahead of the game

Fuelled with an unpredictable candidate pool in a small country like Malta, it becomes even more challenging to find suitable candidates. A recruitment agency can help you stay ahead of the competition when it comes to attracting and engaging top talent. Some of the benefits include:

  1. Ensuring the right quality of candidates
  2. Generating enough suitable leads
  3. Competing against rival companies for top talent
  4. Making use of the agency’s networks and platforms
  5. Management of the recruitment pipeline
  6. Overcoming logistical constraints such as lack of time and manpower
  7. Access to the right metrics to assess a candidate’s suitability

These procedures followed by any reputable agency can help give your organization the upper hand by presenting you with the best talent for your job vacancies in Malta.

Get in touch with us here at Ceek Recruitment to see how our talented team can help alleviate your administrative burden and source top talent for your company.

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