In countries where competition is strong, such as Malta, what’s the best way to advertise your company’s vacancies?

The Advert

Writing a great job advert is an art form. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get better with practice. You’ve basically got seconds to get your message across to attract the right talent for your organisation. The key is to keep it short, concise, and make your advert stand out.

Use easy to read language that will appeal to your ideal candidate. Imagine what they would be looking for in their perfect job. Just avoid buzzwords – they make it so cliché. Keep it honest and natural and don’t forget to add the perks!

Above all, make it visually striking. You have a few seconds to catch their attention on social media. Let your brand’s personality shine. Make sure that your colour palette, typography, and imagery speaks to who you want to attract.

Use Social Media Creatively

After you’ve written your job advert, the next thing is where to advertise it? You can of course just add it to a page on your website, but you need to get the message out there and social media is a great way of doing that. Let’s look at the pluses and negatives of three popular platforms:


LinkedIn is great for filling a more senior or specialised role. You can choose to show your advert to people who meet criteria such as:

  • Industry
  • Job Function
  • Seniority Level
  • Skills keywords

The cherry on the cake is you get recommendations for free with your job advert. You can skip a suggestion or send an inbox message using LinkedIn’s template to make first contact. These leads are invaluable as they are far more likely to be suitable for the role you are looking to fill – saving you time, money, and effort.


Facebook has a broad audience so it’s great for reaching the masses and great for branding. The good news is you can post a job for free and include a call to action so that job seekers can apply directly through Facebook. However, the Facebook application form is limited and doesn’t include CV attachment.

You can also pay to Boost your ad which gives you more detailed targeting.  The trick is to keep your Facebook job description simple and to the point. Make sure to include essential requirements as this will save you lots of time sifting through unsuitable applications.


If you’re not using Instagram stories to advertise your vacancies, you could be missing out. Use the swipe up feature to encourage potential candidates to visit your link. You can also boost your stories to drive more engagement. Keep your Insta page as a fertile ground for expressing what your brand represents. Link to your blogs and products, keeping your branding consistent to show who you are as a company and what value you offer.


Remember to tap into your current and any potential networks. Consider introducing an employee referral programme to encourage recommendations. They will be acquainted with people in the industry and may know the perfect candidate.

Let Ceek do the work for you

There are many advantages to working with us. Besides tackling all the above, we have an extensive database and an international network to provide you with potential leads. Each vacancy will be given its own tailor-made approach, sourcing the right candidates from a skills and culture perspective, saving you time and resources, ensuring you’re only interviewing the best fit for your company.

Here at Ceek Recruitment, we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding the right talent and fit for your vacancies. Contact us to find out more about our holistic recruitment processes including our targeted advertising services here in Malta.

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