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To address the needs of some businesses, remote working has now become a flexible alternative to working at the office. From working full-time remotely to a combination of office/remote, there are real benefits – but exactly how easy is it to do with all the distractions of modern living. We’ve put together a few tips on how you can work effectively from home:

Set up your workspace

The first thing you want to do is set up your workspace. Try to make sure that your desk is in a place where there are minimal distractions. If this is not possible, a good pair of noise-cancelling earphones will make all the difference when trying to concentrate.

Ensure that everything you need is close to hand – similar to when you are working at the office. Pen, notepad, water, charger, etc. Once you get into the flow of work, it will be anti-productive to have to get up every 5 minutes to look for something. By setting up your workspace properly, you will be able to fully concentrate on the job at hand.

Make it clear

If you’re working from home where there are flatmates or family, make it clear that you will be unavailable during your working hours – the same as you would do if you were working at the office (unless there is a real emergency of course). Keep focused and remain productive. Remember your goals and output should be the same as if you were at your workplace.

Make sure your tech is reliable 

Of course, if you are working from home, you will need to make sure that your tech is reliable. To ensure your connection is strong enough and avoid the frustration of breaking video calls and slow loading times, you could get a Wi-Fi booster or consider having two different internet connections. This all depends on how crucial a strong internet connection is to your job.

Wear clothes

By getting dressed, as if you were going to the office, psychologically you will be better prepared to start your day. It might sound silly but sitting around in your pyjamas will make you less productive. Pyjamas are what you wear before going to sleep or when you are relaxing, so set your alarm clock and follow your usual routine of getting ready to go to work.

Organize your day

It is so important to organize your day just as you normally would. Set out a schedule – determine the beginning and end of your day and when you will have your breaks. Create a work plan and stick to it.

If you can – prepare your lunch the evening before to avoid the temptation of spending longer in the kitchen. Try to have a change of scenery whilst eating your lunch so you continue to work feeling the benefits of your break.

Balance your communication

Make sure your communication throughout the day is purposeful and balanced. Whether you and your colleagues are using Skype, Slack, or Trello to communicate online, don’t bombard your colleagues with too many messages. Keep your communication focused on what you need to convey. In other words, cut the fluff!

It’s great to have some team interaction and chat a bit about #randomstuff but don’t let it override your goals for the day. And remember, it’s imperative to turn off the noise and let people know that you’re away when you need to get something important done.

As you would do in the office you need to ensure that you have a healthy balance between communicating with people and working on your projects.

To Sum it up

Working remotely is still working. Whether you’re working from home or at the office, your level of focus and efficiency should still be what your employer would normally expect. The great part is the flexibility it provides for both of you and the added benefits that this can bring.

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