remote leadership best practices

There’s no doubt that we’re living in unprecedented times and companies need to adapt to survive. Since the start of COVID-19, the landscape of careers in Malta has drastically shifted with many employers adopting a work-from-home policy.

We’ve compiled a list of best practices for remote leadership to help your business navigate through present challenges and seize future opportunities:

Communication is vital

There’s a whole host of digital platforms that can aid communications, so it’s simply a matter of identifying which one best fits your business needs. Having said that, it is important to control the urge to call an employee or send an instant message for every little thing.

Rather than sending a million communications, try organising a daily touchpoint with your team and come prepared with an agenda. It will keep your operations organised, and your employees engaged.

Empower your team – but don’t micromanage

People react to working remotely differently. Some might thrive without the distraction of colleagues around them and may perform more efficiently. Others may struggle, with household distractions drawing their attention. Check-in with your team to see how they are feeling – but make sure you’re doing so in a way that is not scrutinising every one of their tasks.

Set realistic expectations

Most industries can afford flexibility with their working hours. Some employees may prefer to stick to the 9-5 routine. Others may perform better with flexible time. If you can afford to do so, it’s a great idea to allow your team this flexibility – as long as it doesn’t affect your business, of course.

Make sure deadlines are clear, but do not expect your team to be readily available 24/7. Once the pandemic passes, your team will remember this, and they will thank you for allowing flexibility and a good work-life balance.

Foster team spirit

Send regular company updates on how the company is doing and encourage informal communications that don’t interfere with business as usual.  Everyone is stressing out right now and many people’s mental health may be impacted negatively.

Remind your employees that even though you are not physically in the same building, you are still a team – and a burden shared is a burden halved.

Above all, regardless of how your company is navigating these strange times, one thing is certain – business operations are going to change. Learn to adapt and keep an open mind – don’t be afraid to embrace a new way of working that may enhance your business or change the way your business operates completely. Either way, the future of your business can still be bright!

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