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In the past decade, technology has been the prime disruptor of the recruitment industry. With the advance of cutting-edge developments, the industry now enjoys an invaluable array of recruitment tools for its trade.

The following trends can be tapped into to help build a talented portfolio.

Social media tools

As the features of social media sites have become more sophisticated, it is now easier for recruiters to search for different profiles, resulting in a much wider talent pool.

Using social networking giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter to find eligible candidates isn’t new, but the force of change is directing most job searches to social media sites. Therefore, these platforms have become a great place for recruiters to tap into the right candidates and target those elusive millennials more successfully.

Recruitment marketing

Communicate your employer brand and values to convert the best talent into applicants. Having a well-structured marketing strategy in place ensures a more efficient process. Take advantage of analytics, multi-channel use, targeted messaging, and tech-enabled automation, to communicate your brand and values.

With the rise of recruitment marketing, candidate relationship management (CRM) software has also become central for attracting and nurturing candidates who haven’t yet applied for a job.

The secret weapon

AI simplifies your job by reducing the workload, especially when you have to handle those crucial, yet repetitive tasks. It can also improve your customer’s experience (CX) and leads to a better use of resources.

Chatbots, for example, are good predictors and can filter out unsuitable candidates before you begin a more detailed recruitment process.

Candidate screening

Screening candidates is a time-consuming process. CV scrapers help screen candidates by scraping CVs for important keywords and skillsets. They are especially useful for companies who require bulk recruitment services as they speed up the lengthy process of going through CVs manually.

From recruitment tools that search for criminal records, to full pre-employment checks, these tech tools also reduce the time spent doing background checks on potential employees.

Video is back

Teleconferencing has enabled remote job interviews. In the recruitment industry, efficient communication is key and should be streamlined wherever possible – whether via text, on the phone, or through video platforms.

Multi-posting solutions

These allow you to post a single vacancy to multiple job boards instantly. Combine this with an Application Tracking System and you’ve got a simple and reliable connection between candidates and recruiters.

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