Talent sourcing

How to go about sourcing the right talent

Talent sourcing means actively searching for, and proactively recruiting and engaging candidates who have not necessarily applied for a given job. Sourcing the right talent requires a wide search across multiple channels and mediums, with the aim of closing positions in the least time possible.

Ceek can assist in talent sourcing firstly by helping the company create a candidate persona to fit the required role. We will then identify and actively engage with candidates who match that persona. Through Ceek, you can leverage the skills of globally connected recruitment professionals and their portfolio of personal connections, phone listings, internet databases, CV repositories, and more. We will provide you with a pre-qualified list of candidates that fit the job description, culture, and values and can assist with pre-employment checks, pychometric testing and more.

Contact Ceek for your talent sourcing and make use of:

  • An extensive internal database of candidates
  • An international network of recruiters and contacts
  • A pool of students from local and foreign educational bodies, (including universities, schools and colleges)
  • Social media postings – particularly Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Job postings on various online advertising sites.

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