Psychometric Testing

Does psychometric testing help in recruitment?

The term psychometric refers to the measurement of the mind. Unlike aspects such as education, punctuality, appearance or experience, behavioural skills might be slightly harder to assess in an interview. Psychometric testing is a recruitment test that includes a standard questioning system based on measurable norms. The test is aimed at quantifying a candidate’s behavioural style and mental capabilities.

For this reason, some employers opt for a psychometric test during their recruitment process together with other pre-employment checks, to help them gain a clearer overview of the candidate in question. These tests are based on both psychological and scientific research, providing reasonable guidelines as to how a candidate would tackle specific situations and responsibilities in the workplace.

Irrespective of whether you choose to carry out a psychometric test, you should always keep in mind a candidate’s CV, their experience, references, and the way they presented themselves during your interview. Remember, a particular candidate might have an aptitude for complex figure jobs for instance, yet has received no formal training in this particular area, which is why psychometric tests are always a good idea to keep in mind.

A psychometric test works best when:

  • You’re after entry level candidates who have no previous working experience and you’re interested in knowing which department they would be best suited for
  • For bulk recruitment when you’re hiring a large amount of people for the same job – e.g. filling out a call centre
  • You’re hiring senior management and you’re interested in finding out if their leadership style suits your organisation
  • You’re on the lookout for a candidate that can fill a highly specialised position, mostly of a technical nature
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