reboot your work philosophy

Every new year brings with it the prospect of a fresh start. We’re not fans of resolutions here, but we do enjoy constructively criticising the way we work and operate every so often.

It’s a new year – and while ‘new year new me’ is cliché, ‘new year better year’ sounds great to everyone (especially considering the year we’ve just had). Improving your career goals should be a year-round effort, but here are some Ceek tips on how to kick-start your work reboot!

Think ahead, plan ahead

Before any journey, planning is essential. Think about what you want to change or improve and more importantly, why you want to.

SWOT yourself

We’ve noticed that a SWOT analysis is something most people do subconsciously. We all know our strengths and weaknesses – the big ones – but we often overlook parts of ourselves. Doing this might turn threats into opportunities, and opportunities into more concrete plans.

Be more open

Whether you’re looking for new jobs in Malta in 2021 or looking to climb the career ladder at your current job, being more open about what you can do is key. Participate in webinars, travel for work when you can, enhance your skills, and find new ones to embrace.

Give yourself time to rest

When we reboot a computer, we switch it off, then switch it back on again. You’re not a computer, but you’re also not a robot. Take time off for yourself – to recharge, reengage, and rethink about your next steps.

Enjoy the ride!

More often than not, we’re often so concentrated on the destination that we forget about the journey. Rebooting your work philosophy is more than just an end point. Enjoy your little wins, don’t dwell over your missteps, and most importantly, make 2021 the year you’re kinder to yourself.

A work philosophy is less about what you do and more about how you do it. Before doing all of these things, the first thing to ask yourself is whether you’re in the right place to improve. If you are – we couldn’t be happier for you! But if you feel that a change needs to happen, don’t be afraid to do it. At Ceek, we can help you find the right match to make 2021 your year! Get in touch today

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