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Employability is crucial in today’s world. Whether you’re happy in your job, looking for new opportunities, or currently unemployed – self-improvement is key. For every open position, there are so many different people who apply. Making yourself stand out is vital!

Here are Ceek’s latest tips on how to make yourself stand out from the crowd:

Update, update, update

Depending on the industry you’re interested in, a portfolio can mean different things. The first thing a potential employer sees when you apply for a job is your CV. Make sure it is kept up-to-date at all times, even if you’re not necessarily looking for new opportunities. You never know when you might need to present it.

Different roles have different requirements, so ensure that any work you may need to present, like content and artwork, is also readily available and shows off your best assets. Again by adding this on a regular basis, you will always be prepared for any eventualities.

Top Tip: Above all, make sure your CV/Portfolio is adapted to the role you’re applying for!

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Let your brand shine

Apart from your CV, employers can view your social media profiles, so check that yours are as polished as your CV and reflect your personal brand values.

Social media is a very powerful tool, for example, LinkedIn can give possible connections insight, not just into your work and educational experience, but also into your personality, likes, and projects. Employers look at this to see if you could be the right fit for their organisation and we all know the importance of making the right impression.

Facebook also has these capabilities. Use your ‘Bio’ and ‘About’ section as you would your CV. Keep it relevant and in line with the image you present and the brand values you have set for yourself.

Top Tip: Deciding which information to publish on your social media, and which platform links to share with your employer, is exactly the same as deciding what to include in your CV. If it moves things forward – then include it.

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Learn to earn

The skills gained through studies and development courses are put into practice in the real world. But what happens when you’ve been working for say, 5 years, and have never taken the time to develop yourself further?

Basically, people who invest time in developing themselves, and put these skills into practice, have a better chance of professional development.

Working and learning are essential to staying ahead of the game. Constantly strive to deliver your A-game, keeping yourself updated with newer and better techniques. Be it a short course, an online session, or even a podcast, keeping abreast with game-changing updates, will not only improve your chances of employment and career development, but also of long-term retention.

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Keep your eye on the ball

No great opportunity ever comes easy. Employability is also about reworking existing opportunities to help advance your career. Ask yourself the following questions:

How can you add value to your present organisation?

What can you do to make things more effective and efficient?

Where do you see yourself growing within the company?

Question what’s next, speak up during meetings and take on an active role, not just within your department but company-wide, be it through extracurricular activities or showing initiative.

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