make your LinkedIn profile stand out

Now more than ever, a good LinkedIn profile can land you a job just as quickly as a good CV. If you’re wondering how to get noticed by employers and recruiters so you can build your career and snag that dream job, read on.

The experts at Ceek have rounded up six top tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile reflects your best self:

A headline to remember

Your LinkedIn headline is your most powerful tool here. A good headline will tell someone in just a few words, what you do, in a way that will invite them to dig deeper.

Top tip: use relevant keywords and a headline that benefits those you want to attract.

Keep your profile updated

Make sure all your information in your professional LinkedIn profile is regularly updated. From updated contact numbers and your email address to recent qualifications and experience, this is where you want to put all the relevant information.

It’s also a good idea to update your daily activity with professional content. Always include keywords so that employers and recruiters searching for potential candidates in your profession can locate your profile.

Add a personal touch

This is your chance to flex your creative muscle and offer a glimpse into your personality. This tactic is not only attention-grabbing, but it also allows profile viewers to get a better sense of what you’re all about. Try and include an interesting fact or quality about yourself that will make you stand out or demonstrate your originality in some way.

Whether you share an anecdote about what led you to your career or something about your future hopes and goals, make sure you add something personal to all the business jargon.

Boost your profile with testimonials

While LinkedIn recommendations from others can be a great boost to your professional reputation, they tend to appear at the bottom of your profile making them a little superfluous.

Choose your best recommendation as a lead-in to your summary for an effective way of boosting a positive testimonial. 

Keep your summary short

If in doubt, always keep your key statement short; two to three short paragraphs are about as long as you need. After all, nobody has the time to sit there and read an epic masterpiece.

You’re looking to produce a brief strong profile summary that encapsulates your skills with an eye-catching opening phrase that will draw a potential recruiter or employer in.

And for the cherry on the cake…

Consider tacking your LinkedIn profile to your email signature to increase your chances of becoming more visible.

You could also connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts with your LinkedIn, however, make sure that your corporate personal branding is consistent across all of your social media channels if you choose to do this. 

Want to know more about how you can boost your career? Check out our career resources for more tips and tricks on how to advance your career. If you’re actively searching for employment, visit to apply for one of our latest vacancies.


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