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We all know that job interviews can inspire fear, even in the toughest of candidates. And with the disruption of the digital age, the job recruiting landscape is reinventing itself all the time, making it that much more confusing to navigate.

Read on to discover our top three self-branding tips to help give you the advantage when looking for your dream job in Malta.

Profile yourself

Always remember that potential employers, recruiters, and connectors will Google you. Make sure that your digital presence is clean and that your social pages contain the right information about you.

Don’t create content or upload images that may be inconsistent with your brand image or core values or that could leave potential employers open to the wrong interpretation. Pay attention to those parts of your profile that are often visible to the general public.  And remember that any activity on public groups will be available to all. 

Another option is to create an online CV or a blog to highlight your skills and experience relevant to any future job opportunities. The key here is to demonstrate your diverse, flexible, and unique skills. Potential employers want to see at a glance that you are a well-rounded individual who will be a good fit for them.

Craft your brand carefully 

It’s important to know who you want to brand yourself as. Do some soul searching to figure out exactly who you are and what makes your personal brand unique and make sure to go for an image that’s relevant to your career vision and goals.

Carefully craft a few stories and highlights from your career that demonstrate your ability to succeed in the roles you’re interested in. Keep your stories short, simple, interesting, and to-the-point. Employers are looking for proof that you were effective in your previous roles and that you can be effective in the role you are interviewing for. And that you have the right personality for the role.

Know your stuff

It is vital to prepare for an interview as it really is the only way to ensure that you come across as the confident candidate you want to be. This will show the employer that you are passionate about this job and that you have the skills to research effectively online. From this research, you can then draft some key suggestions on how you could improve their strategies if given the role. 

This will also help when answering off the cuff questions that you may be asked. By ‘knowing your stuff’, you are also promoting your personal brand as someone who is capable and reliable.

A recruitment agency can offer invaluable advice to help perfect your interview game and develop your personal brand strategy, both in terms of your verbal and non-verbal communication style and creating a strong impression. 

If you’re looking for a job in Malta, Ceek is here. Our experienced recruiters are professionally trained to give you CV and interview advice as well as personal branding tips. Send your CV to and we will do our very best to match you with the right employer for you. Here at Ceek – we do our best so that you can do yours!

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