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With a new year and a new set of resolutions just around the corner, you may be thinking of shaking things up a little and changing jobs, maybe even country. What Malta may not have in size, the island more than makes up for in career opportunities across many industries, with opportunities in tech and IT leading the way.

Why Malta?

Considering its small size, Malta really holds its own with a very healthy job market for those looking to move up in their IT career. This buoyant employment market has seen Malta welcome a global job-seeking hub over the past five years, adding a welcome cultural diversity to our shores.

Of course, it’s not just the job that appeals; over 300 days of sunshine, English is spoken everywhere, heritage and architecture at every corner and of course the sea all make for a very attractive package. Throw in a trendy and vibrant nightlife and exploding culinary landscape and it’s no surprise that Malta is trending as a great place to achieve that work-life balance dream.

The current job landscape 

A booming gig economy continues to attract new businesses within the iGaming industry and technology sector. This same industry has disrupted the status quo by offering a unique company culture that is fast becoming the norm. Malta’s recent legislation in providing a regulatory framework for Blockchain technology has resulted in the country experiencing an increased demand for professionals who have the expertise to further develop and integrate existing technologies.

Job opportunities have already started to see this with the demand for top talent becoming a crucial element for recruiters. From SAAS operators, app, software, and web developers to hands-on technical expertise, coding, and more up-to-date digital skills, these emerging positions have recruitment companies falling over themselves to source great talent to fit these positions.

New jobs being created 

 A strong financial services sector and the recent emergence of Cryptocurrency means that Fintech industries will experience significant development and growth through the adoption of Blockchain and A.I. technologies.

The role of the accountant continues to evolve through new technologies which provide greater insight, allowing accountants to offer greater client assistance through increased decision-making responsibilities. Professionals in auditing and compliance are also maturing in keeping up to date with the latest financial laws and regulations affecting the market, generating a more profound demand for these jobs in Malta.

Legal specialists will need to be brought in to help navigate new legislation, as too will marketing specialists for Blockchain companies to market blockchain and cryptocurrency accurately.

The role of the recruiter 

 Now more than ever local businesses need to be informed on industry trends to ensure the right choices are made to secure top talent, both local and foreign. Recruiters are perfectly positioned for this.

By understanding a business’s needs and direction as well as analysing the current and upcoming trends of the technological landscape, recruiters are better equipped to make well-informed decisions to acquire the top talent needed to fill these top jobs.

If  your company is looking to fill an IT role in Malta, or you’re an IT person looking for the perfect position for you, contact us at ceek. With a wide portfolio of vacancies in tech, digital, and IT, we’d be happy to help.

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