improve your employability during covid-19

As more and more businesses move their businesses online and settle into working remotely to help fight the coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering if you should continue to job hunt and send out your CV.

While economists warn of a global recession, career experts insist that you must continue to network and apply for vacancies as long as you change your approach and adapt to these uncertain times.

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Prepare to be virtual

Face-to-face interviews will be cancelled for a while meaning that everything is going to happen online, including job interviews. Basically, the same rules apply; make sure to look like you’ve made an effort and try and remember to maintain eye contact with the camera.

It’s also vital that you do at least one run-through before your video interview as it’s likely that the recruiter will want to use Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. Test the chosen tech beforehand. The last thing you want is to scrabble around at the last minute because something isn’t working or compatible with your computer.

Boost your skills

With more time to kill, this is the perfect time to boost your CV by adding more qualifications you haven’t got round to yet. Go through the job descriptions you are after with a fine-tooth comb to see what skills they expect and use that information to determine what you need to brush up on.

Aim to make yourself more employable in the present climate and an even better candidate for when the job market picks up again. There are many free and low-cost courses you can look for if you are on a tight budget. 

If you’re a leader or manager, look for ways to improve your remote leadership skills as we move towards a more digital future. 

Spring clean your bio

Use this time to revamp your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile strategy. Think about creating a personal branding statement that clearly outlines your skills, what you do, why you do it and where you want to get to next. This will help get you noticed, especially if the statement resonates with like-minded people in your network.

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