A career in iGaming can be rewarding in many ways. Salaries are attractive, the workplace culture is relaxed, and there are promising career advancement opportunities. Here are a few reasons why people are so eager to get into iGaming in Malta and what you need to get a foot in the door:

It’s all about the lifestyle

Work culture in iGaming can create a positive way of life revolving around the perks that are offered. These might include free daily food and drinks, a team breakfast or lunch on certain days of the week, lounge areas at the office for relaxation, and regular social get-togethers. These are all standard practice. Other perks might consist of a free gym membership, private health insurance, and a well-being/travel allowance.

Personnel development and training are also top of the agenda, with significant investment in developing the talents and skills of employees. iGaming companies tend to engage ambitious individuals with a strong motivation to succeed. They implement training and mentoring programmes across the board to continually develop their workforce, which means employees get unlimited opportunities for learning new skills.

Vital skills needed to work in iGaming

A vital skill required is how familiar you are with online casino games. You need to ensure you understand the basics of how these games work, and how online casinos function. If you’re not experienced in this area, do some online research and show initiative.

Highly skilled and qualified individuals within various fields are always welcome. Experience and certification in programming, ICT, web design and development, data, systems engineering, graphic design, product design, digital marketing, and digital art will get you in the door fast. There are also roles in human resources and the financial and legal professions.

Besides the above, employees are always needed for customer support roles. Online casinos provide client support and customer service in the client’s native language wherever possible. Scandinavia is a huge market for online casinos, as well as a number of other languages.

A mobile future

With many online casinos having shifted to mobile gaming due to the massive increase in demand, the future looks bright. Social Media is being used to outreach players and is increasingly playing a more significant role. Furthermore, statistics show a steady increase in all iGaming related careers.

The multiple benefits of working in iGaming are available right now if you have the right skills. Contact us here at Ceek Recruitment or register online to find your dream job in the iGaming industry in Malta.

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