how to organise your job search

You’ve finally decided it’s time. Moving from a current job to a new one is never easy. Or you’re still searching for the right match for you. So…what’s next? From CV building to narrowing down your options, Ceek is here to offer the best advice from our recruiters!

Organising your job search

A job search may become overwhelming. Job posts are updated every minute, ads pop up constantly, your inbox is suddenly filled with updates from what seems like 20 websites…we’ve heard it all before. That’s why we’ve created some DOs and DONTs to help you get into a better frame of mind for your job search, in the hopes of making your life easier and better by finally landing your dream job!

DON’T sign up for e-mails from just any recruitment company

Your notifications going off every hour with a new e-mail from that random website you signed up for after seeing an Instagram ad is not going to help you. All it’s going to do is distract you. Research companies, speak to friends for reviews, and make sure a company is reputable before giving out your personal contact information.

DO narrow down your options, but DON’T limit them

Use filters as much as possible when doing your own online searches, but don’t be rigid in your choices. Sometimes the best things in life are the ones you least expect.

DO allocate time to job search

Much like random e-mails, searching for jobs every 5 minutes will not prove to be fruitful, on the contrary – it might lead to making impulsive decisions. We suggest that you dedicate an hour or two every day to really do a thorough search. Browse as many jobs as you can, bookmark them, and go back to them at a later stage to evaluate your choices.

DON’T bulk apply

Make sure you know who you are applying with, ask around, and don’t make hasty decisions. Be selective of who your CV goes to.

DO sign up with a reputable recruitment agency

Recruitment agencies will complete the above steps for you. At a recruitment agency, we evaluate your CV, evaluate you as a person, and match you with the current open positions. If there are none available in your selected sector, don’t worry – we’ll keep your information on file to contact you when we do (and no, we won’t send you e-mails every other hour).

Finding a job in Malta may seem like a dead-end maze, but if you know how to look and where to look, it becomes much easier. Our best tip yet? Look at our current open positions. Contact us. We’re not the only recruitment agency in Malta, but we aim to tailor your request to truly suit your needs, and that makes us one of the best.

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