health and safety in the workplace

Health and safety measures are all around us – they aren’t limited to yellow wet-floor signs and orange hard-hats.

We cannot stress the importance of health and safety at work enough. It’s not just a few guidelines you need to adhere to because you have to – health and safety is protected by law and is necessary to not only protect all employees and the company, but also customers, visitors, sub-contractors, and anyone else your business comes into contact with.

How can my team feel safe at work?

We understand that ensuring occupational health and safety measures might seem a bit tedious, but at the end of the day, making employees feel safe at work is, ultimately, the sole responsibility of the company they are employed by.

It is vital that any workforce feels secure as soon as they enter any building or site owned by the company they work with.

Here are a few steps that will make the job a bit easier:

Write It Down

Having your health and safety policies written down and readily available will not only ensure that everyone knows the company has taken all the necessary precautions, but also cover the employer from a legal perspective if an accident were to happen.

Make sure these rules are concise, coherent, and above all, explained to all the people who work on all sites of your company – an informed team is a safe team.

Keep Everyone Updated

Training is key to ensuring that people not only know the rules but know how to apply them to everyday scenarios. Training should be done on a regular basis, and any feedback you get from your team needs to be taken into consideration, both in terms of the learning process, as well as the measures themselves.

Creating a safe environment is an employer’s responsibility, but its upkeep is a team effort.

Buy What’s Right

Ensure you have the right equipment for all the team, whatever their needs may be.

There are a number of guidelines in place by law depending on what sector your company falls under, but for a more tailored approach, we strongly suggest that a professional health and safety officer is consulted.

With just a bit of thought and consultation with the right people, applying health and safety measures in the workplace will be a breeze – keeping your mind, and your team’s mind, at rest.

If you’re looking for employment within the health and safety industry or looking to fill a vacancy, contact us here at Ceek Recruitment!

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