Although there are many factors that can hinder workplace advancement, including today’s competitive landscape and work stress, it’s always a huge positive to keep working on incremental career improvements.

Ceek has prepared a few tips on how you can work your way up at a steady pace:

Add Value

Ask yourself ‘What can I bring to this company?’ As Jim Rohn says, ‘It is only by giving you are able to receive more than you have.’

Employers love it when their staff approach them not only with problems but with possible solutions as well. Use creative thinking to figure out how you can improve on processes already in place for your role and make suggestions. Don’t just think about getting through the most basic tasks. – pursue other avenues to see how you can add value and make a difference.

Mind the gap

Don’t worry – no one will expect you to know everything – finding gaps in your skillset and acknowledging these gaps will be considered a strength and many employers are only too happy to support ongoing learning.

Don’t wait for your boss to suggest ways to develop. Once you’ve settled in your role, why not suggest ways in which you can grow with the company’s support? Just make sure it’s something that will benefit the company as well as helping you grow in your role.

Be Authentic

Honesty, reliability & loyalty are traits that employers give a lot of value to. Demonstrating a good work ethic together with good communication skills, be it verbal, written, or interpersonal, will help you excel in your career. This will also set yourself apart from the competition through:

  1. Employing active listening skills
  2. Affirming what is being said to you
  3. Replying effectively and concisely


Strengthen your bonds

It’s not just your relationship with the company that employers will look out for – they will also look at how you fit in and work with your team. ‘Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships’. Making a genuine effort to get on with your work colleagues will make a huge difference in how you are viewed as an employee and help move your career forward.

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