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Brigette Hyacinth believes that great leadership isn’t about control, it’s about empowering people. This embodies the essence of future work flexibility. Whereas in the past we were tied to old work structures of the 9 to 5 and being office bound, eventually we will need to reach a compromise of flexible work patterns that empower the individual. While not every job can allow for this, the expanding world of digital alongside the ever-growing constraints of space means that flexible working is beginning to make more and more sense.

Communication is key

On the topic of work flexibility, Brigette  does not believe in micromanaging neither. She believes in mentoring, coaching, and trusting someone to get the job done:

“Employees want to feel like they belong, are heard and appreciated. Ping pong tables and sweet treats are not enough. Engagement doesn’t have to be a challenge. Today, it can be accomplished by using digital tools. It’s all about building a culture of feedback and continuous conversations.”

One rule for all

Anne Donovan shares what PwC has learned from their flexible work policy:

“Everyone deserves the same degree of flexibility. Flexibility is not related to a generational need. […] A culture of flexibility will not be created, adopted, or embraced unless [it] stems from an understanding and belief that every single person in the organization deserves the same consideration and flex work policies.”

The worker’s choice

Joy Burns in Forbes speaks about ‘agile’ work and shares some interesting UK stats on the future of flexible work:

“92% of Millennials identify flexibility as a top priority when job hunting.”

“80% of women and 52% of men want flexibility in their next role.”

70% of UK employees feel that flexible working makes a job more attractive to them and 30% would prefer flexible working to a pay rise.”

Whether it’s flexible working hours, working remotely, or a combination of both, the trend towards a more flexible working future is being followed by more and employers. And it makes sense – less travel pollution, a better work-life balance, lower office costs, and happier employees – who could argue with that?

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