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We’ve all heard the term ‘company culture’. In case you haven’t, the term encompasses within it all the ways a company defines itself by its shared values, goals, and practices.

Or at least that’s what Google says it is.

For us, company culture is what sets one company apart from another. It’s how a company operates internally, where a company is going, how it’s getting there, and above all, how the people who work there feel about the work they do. In other words, company culture is all about personality.

Does my company have personality?

Absolutely! Think of your company as a person with its own traits. Just like no two persons are alike, neither are companies, and there is no company which has a “better” culture than another one.

Some companies are structured, others are more flexible. Some believe in hierarchy, while others have more of a flat organisational structure. Many organisations focus on teamwork, but for some, individuality is key. The driving force behind where a company stands on these matters is, put simply, what works best.

The beauty of a company’s culture is that all the above traits and more can be written down in a rule book and then put into practice by the company’s people, which is what really matters.

Human Resources is more than just a department

It is no secret that a company’s success is, more often than not, determined by its people. Employing people to work within a company means bringing someone on board with the necessary talent and experience, but it also means finding the right fit.

It is rare that a person will work completely alone, even though working towards the same company objectives, and while we cannot put qualifications aside, it is important that a person and a company are a good match for each other. It works both ways.

How does company culture affect your job search?

Many things come into play when a person is seeking a different job or career. Sometimes it’s monetary, other times it’s wanting a change, but we firmly believe that one of the most important elements, as simple as this sounds, is happiness.

The average person spends most of their day at work, and when they are not at work, it is almost second nature to discuss their job. This is the reason why when it comes to moving from one job to another, a question that should take precedence is “will I be happy?”.

There is no guarantee for this one, but we encourage all job seekers to do their research about potential employers and ensure that their personalities are aligned.

At Ceek Recruitment, we can help you if you’re on both sides of the table. If you’re looking to outsource your Recruitment Services in order to find the right candidate for your company, we are here to help you define who you are looking for. If you’re a job seeker who wants to explore all your options, we can make that happen for you. Get in touch today!

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