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We communicate in some form or another from the moment we’re born, until the moment we die. Communication is an essential function of any relationship – be it interpersonal, cross-cultural, group dynamics, or organisational communication. It’s an innate human trait.

The reality is, there’s no quicker way for an organisation to die out than by not making use of proper means of communication.

In the midst of a global pandemic, employee engagement is essential; and the basic tenant of employee engagement is to communicate. Here are some tips on how best to keep your employees engaged and motivated, even remotely, through effective communication:

Keep in touch

If you’re working remotely, many of your employees will by now be feeling the effect of a loss of daily human communication. Don’t be afraid to be the one to instigate communication by checking in each day with team members. Keep an open channel of communication – whether it’s through WhatsApp, Slack, Teams – whatever platform works best for your organisation.

Set goals – and help your talent to thrive

Try setting up one-to-one calls with your employees; and use a period of potential down-time to identify skills that you can nurture to help them excel. Let them drive the conversation – ask open questions such as Is there a challenge you want to take on? What thoughts do you have on these new ways of working? What can you learn from this to impact positively on your future? The key here is to empower your employees to feel like they’re in control of their future. They’ll appreciate it since many people feel like they’re not in control of much at present.

Improve your internal communications

There’s no better time for self-improvement, and one area many companies often overlook is their internal communications strategies – whether it’s the way you deliver company announcements or celebrating individual wins. Why not take the time to set a communication strategy in place – or better yet, empower your more social employees to take charge? You’d be amazed how something as simple as a weekly newsletter can increase employee engagement.

Open channels for feedback, discussion and debate

No one’s perfect – and that includes you as an employer. Show your staff that you care about what they have to say by opening a dialogue with them. Discuss things that are working well and things they feel can be improved. Set realistic expectations – not all requests can be accommodated – but even just knowing that you’re open to discussion goes a long way.

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