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The popularity of team building events has surged in recent years. Companies of all sizes, hailing from all industries, generally plan a bi-yearly team building event to strengthen the bond between colleagues, switch off and have fun, and connect with other members of staff from other departments.

Traditionally, team building has meant venturing off-site for a day doing fun activities, however, it’s not necessarily the case. Essentially, the point of team building events is to create a sense of friendship, nurture team bonding, and increase productivity – because a productive team is a happy team – but don’t fall into the trap of the usual activities. Think and plan ahead.

Here are Ceek’s top tips for team bonding:

Quantity over quality

Quantity over quality – we know that this is the opposite of what’s generally thought to be best, but being relevant is key. For a number of companies, over-the-top, bi-annual team building events work. For others, having smaller, more frequent ones is a better, more personalised option.

From after-work drinks to virtual treasure hunts, to an early morning yoga session, meeting more frequently, at more simple events, might be just what everyone is looking for. The most important thing to consider here is, what does your team want? No better people to answer that than your colleagues themselves, so go ahead and ask around.

Collaboration not competition

Team building is all about needs, and each company has different ones. In a number of work environments, particularly those focused on sales, there is always an element of competition.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to team building is that it’s done to bring people together, not to have winners and losers. Whilst friendly competition is encouraged, you might see some more significant changes in the workplace if a different approach is adopted.

Give, and you shall receive

Solidarity is one thing that always seems to bring people together. Fighting alongside someone for a great cause can build a bond you never thought possible. Consider volunteering work as part of your team building events.

From social causes to environmental ones, there are a number of organisations in need. Your team can not only help a charity but can also benefit the team and the company in the process.

Here at Ceek, we take pride in finding the right people to enhance your business. Contact us to discuss how we can help you build your dream team.


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