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Virtual interviews have increased throughout 2020 due to the pandemic. Everyone has had to adapt to new ways of living and job interviews are no exception.

While most workplaces in Malta have returned to semi-normal ways of operating, as a recruitment agency, we’ve noticed that most companies are still choosing to conduct their interviews virtually.

Here at Ceek, we regularly conduct interviews using virtual meeting platforms, so we’ve put together some tips to help you ace them:

Location, location, location

 One of the most important aspects of a virtual at-home interview is the room you’re having your meeting in. Top of our list for a great interview would be:

  1. A well-lit room that’s as noise-free as possible
  2. A neutral background behind you
  3. Putting your phone on silent mode
  4. Letting your family/flatmates know that you’re having an interview to avoid interruptions

Appearance still matters

While some virtual meetings are held with your camera turned off, your virtual interview will not be. We know that being at home means more relaxed clothing, so feel free to skip the suit, but do put on interview worthy attire.

We suggest avoiding bright colours or striped clothing as these do not look as good on camera. Test things out before and position yourself in the centre, with the top half of your body in the shot.

Check out some more Ceek job tips here: How to make yourself more employable

 Avoid technical difficulties

 A strong Wi-Fi connection, a good camera, and a clear microphone are essential to a strong interview. If you do find any persistent issues that may hinder your communication, you could consider rescheduling until you have sorted the problem out.

Top Tip: Try things out with a friend before the interview.

Act natural

Face-to-face interviews are daunting, but virtual ones can be a bit more nerve-racking for some people. Don’t worry – make direct eye-contact with the camera when speaking, sit up straight, and mind your body language – it is one of the first things they will notice.

Do your research before the interview and you will come across as confident and relaxed. This will also allow you to get your personality across from time to time during the interview.

At the end of the day, virtual interviews are not very different from in-person ones. The interviewer is looking to get to know you and find out whether you’ll be a good fit for the role they have.

At Ceek, we can help you ace your virtual interviews to find the match you’ve been searching for– Send your CV to to see how we can help.

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