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Recruiters today are always on the lookout for those extras that give you an edge over your competition. Marketing is an integral part of every business. As competition grows fiercer, the need for talented marketers is on the rise. The question is where do you start?

We’ve rounded up a few areas that can help kick-start your career in marketing:

Learn basic marketing

Check out Google Digital Garage! This will give you a very good grounding in basic marketing skills that have become necessary to so many job vacancies. This free online course includes ‘26 modules created by Google trainers with practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action’. How could that not impress any employer?

Be social media savvy

Knowing how to use your personal social media accounts is a good first step – understanding the tools businesses use to manage social media will be required for the job.

But that’s not all! Take it a step further and learn how to manage accounts across multiple platforms, schedule posts and monitor growth analytics. You could always start with Facebook Blueprint. It will ‘add value to any company and offers free online training complete with resources and certifications’.

Show off your SEO skills

SEO is now a requisite for most businesses, but few companies really know what it is or what SEO even stands for. If you can show a prospective employer that you have a good grasp of what SEO involves (Search Engine Optimisation) – and suggest ways to improve their digital marketing techniques, you’ll demonstrate a concrete way that you can add value to their team.

If you don’t yet have these skills, you may want to consider taking short online certified courses on keywords, AdWords, SEO, and Analytics, which can greatly improve your chances of employment. ICE Malta offers a Diploma in Digital Marketing that covers all the skills you would need to get started.

Showcase what you’ve learnt

The best way to start a career in marketing is to take what you have learnt and test it. Create a  Facebook business page, create a blog with great SEO, use analytics – show what you know.

Finally, create a killer stylised marketing CV to highlight all your strengths. By showing off what you have learnt, you will give prospective employers a chance to see what you are capable of achieving.

Looking to take your career to the next level? Check out Ceek’s jobs available in Malta. Ceek Recruitment assist candidates across a number of industries including IT, Marketing, Finance, and Legal amongst others.

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