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Jobs in Malta are forever evolving. As employers embrace new technologies and become ever more aware of the importance of company culture and employer branding, staying one step ahead of the game will help protect your career prospects.

Here are three tips on how to future-proof your career:

Stay current

It’s no secret that Malta faces an extremely competitive job market, so staying current is essential to remaining at the forefront of your field – and it can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for your first job in Malta, or are keeping abreast of growing industry trends, knowing what’s happening globally in your field is crucial.

The first thing you’ll want to do is identify key sites that are relevant to your industry and follow them. There’s no better way to stay ahead of the game than to read what the industry experts are saying.

Keep learning

Even if you’re working in an established industry, the truth is that there’s no guarantee that your skillset and knowledge base will remain relevant. Take the advertising industry as an example. Digital disruption has ensured that the role of the marketer has shifted.

Yes, the principles remain the same – but quick access to massive banks of data has changed the game entirely. Social media executive vacancies have replaced the call for traditional media buyers. PPC & SEO specialists are just two roles that didn’t exist a couple of years ago but are now indispensable to any company that wants to take their marketing efforts online. And these are just two examples of newly evolving roles in already-established fields.

By staying ahead of the learning curve, you will be giving yourself the best chance at remaining employable in your field.

Be networking savvy

One aspect of career climbing that many people hate is networking. Attending conferences & get-togethers will not only broaden your knowledge base, they’re also excellent opportunities to meet new people who think similarly and who work in the same field.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will automatically challenge you to keep abreast of what’s happening and open up new exciting opportunities for you in the future.

In whatever way you see your career evolving, a recruitment agency can help you – from pointing you towards the right resources to connecting you with the right people. Ceek Recruitment offers professional career advice from CVs to personal development tips. Contact us to arrange a meeting with one of our recruiters.

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