Lifelong Learning and Performance Improvement

One thing many people overlook is the importance of lifelong learning and performance improvement. Just because you’ve got the required qualifications and have gained experience, doesn’t mean you’re the best you can be. Likewise, employers can’t expect their employees to grow and flourish if they don’t provide the right training.

Luckily, there are many tools and techniques available, depending on what you hope to achieve from training.

New Technologies

Amid an ongoing technological boom, it comes as no surprise that many modern companies are opting for technology-based learning. Technology has evolved so much that training can now occur via interactive multi-media tools with key experts. If you don’t have the time to physically attend a course, there’s an abundance of online courses to support your lifelong learning ambitions.

Learning from the Pros

Coaching, mentoring, and on-the-job training are all examples of classically employed training methodologies – and there’s a reason they’re still around. They work! Face-to-face training and group discussions prove invaluable when learning new information.

Another thing to consider is peer learning, whereby employers send one or two employees on training sessions or international seminars, then have them impart what they’ve learnt to their colleagues. Not only does this expand the pool of knowledge, but it also helps seal the information by re-iterating it through teaching methods.

Recreating Real-Life Scenarios

Roleplaying and management games can also be useful tools when trying to bridge the divide between employer and employee. These techniques simulate real-life situations that can occur in the workplace and help work out certain issues. They also touch upon specific key skills such as negotiation, teamwork, and communication – all of which are essential factors to a smooth workflow.

Other Techniques

Other techniques include the use of case studies, film & video, planned reading, and third-party workshops and seminars. All of which are designed to impart new information efficiently to enhance workplace performance. No matter whether you want to kick-start your career, change your job, or build on what you have already achieved, the lifelong learning approach will never let you down.

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