Jobs to pursue in the future

Ask young teens what jobs they would like to pursue when they grow up and chances are that one of their more common career aspirations will include working in social media or gaming. Such choices reflect the world that teens are currently inhabiting as they are very likely spending time gaming and watching celebrity gaming bloggers do it. While the current YouTube and other social media-based celebrity cultures do not come problem-free, aspiring to become a vlogger, professional gamer, or game designer is nonetheless a valid career option with likely positive prospects for future employment.

There is, however, no career that is better than another - the answer simply lies within the person, and what they feel is right for them. Future prospects are a very important consideration when deciding which jobs to pursue. We are living in an era, when more than ever, there is high volatility between the current and projected job market. Because of artificial intelligence, machine learning and bioengineering, some jobs, especially those at risk of automation, will disappear; some will change while new jobs will appear.

An important consideration is not to pursue jobs that are largely in decline over those that have a more promising future.

It is an exciting time for future job seekers. There are so many jobs available today that never existed before, and with the development of technology, the job market will continue changing and evolving at an even faster pace. 

So how does one make a decision on what to pursue, and what is really on offer out there in the real world?

For those who require some inspiration about possible future career paths, the following is a short-listing of some jobs that are popular right now which also offer good future career prospects. 

The first set of jobs is IT related. With the spread of digitalisation and automation this field is constantly offering new possibilities:

a)      Artificial Intelligence

As the need for technology and its problem-solving abilities increases, more and more companies recognise they need to use AI and machine learning algorithms to create smarter, more personalised and intuitive products. Data Scientist and Data Analyst are two career choices that offer good gains and future prospects.  

With the need to protect the private information of both individuals and companies, there is also a strong demand for cybersecurity experts to protect clients from data breaches.

b)      Software Development

Every time we resort to our favourite social media platforms or applications, there is a team of software developers to thank for them. Software developers are responsible for developing the multitude of programmes we use daily, as well as for all the subsequent updates and fixes that keep them running smoothly.  Software developers are and look like they’ll always be in high demand.

c)       Digital marketing

Digital marketers build the online presence of brands and other content in accordance with set marketing goals. Digital marketing skills continue to remain in high demand to the extent that there is still a skill gap in the field.

Openings for traditional professions and skilled jobs will also continue to be available in future, especially those that provide care and technical services:

a)      Medical health professionals

While some medical care will start being delivered more efficiently utilising technological devices, the need for medical care will remain.  Those who study to become doctors or nurses are still regarded as having made future-proof career choices.  Medical health includes dentists as well.  As the life span of people increases and the younger generation are more appearance-conscious, dental care will remain ever-more in demand.

b)      Mental health professionals

Mental health counsellors, addiction therapists, psychologists, mental health social workers and psychiatrists all form part of this profession. They all provide a service that cannot be automated and is very much in demand as the recognition of the importance of mental health continues to increase.

c)       Skilled workers

We will still need electricians, plumbers, and technicians in future. Even now there is a serious demand for these skills. If these roles remain unfilled, the deficit will continue in the near and distant future. 

The role of alternative energy use in the world is also increasing, and this relatively new field is creating a broad spectrum of new careers in the field. Technicians are needed from construction to engineering, including installation and further research in the alternative energy field.

The job market of the future will continue to evolve.  Jobs will continue to be diverse and deciding which job will not be easy.  But the best approach, apart from having the required skills and education qualifications, is to conduct research that will lead you to the job that you want and are qualified for.

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