Networking tips when looking for a job vacancy in Malta

Networking is a crucial component of looking for a job vacancy in Malta. It’s about building professional relationships and can be extremely rewarding when done well. In some cases, it could even be the key to landing your dream job. The only pre-requisites to networking are a willingness to stretch beyond your comfort zone and the readiness to approach it as you would a job – with determination.

We’ve come up with five tips to help you build a strong professional network when looking for the right job vacancy in Malta:

 1. Cultivate those contacts

As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”. Develop your contacts and tend to them as you do your personal relationships. Be open to communicating and networking with others – even those who are not directly involved in your field of interest. 

Sometimes a random conversation can lead you somewhere you never would have expected. 

 2. Be prepared

It’s so important to be prepared. Have a few conversation topics ready beforehand and you’ll soon be a networking pro. Make a list of the assets you will bring to prospective employers and always carry business cards to give you that professional edge. And while it seems like such a simple thing, don’t forget to fully charge your phone so you don’t miss out on being able to add new people to one of your social media networks. 

 3. Be present 

Make it a habit to attend fairs, exhibitions, networking get-togethers, and career open days. These events are a brilliant way to shop around organisations that have ongoing recruitment drives and job vacancies in Malta.

Always thank any contacts you make in a follow-up email. Send a LinkedIn connection request and include a personalized message to anyone you meet. You can also maintain the connection by commenting on their posts or sharing valuable tips.

 4. Take a direct approach

Don’t be afraid to ask for job leads from your contacts or even just for advice. It helps to assign yourself a daily number of people to connect with and then make yourself pick up the phone and call. 

Email and social media are acceptable ways to network; however, a human connection via phone or face-to-face tends to leave a longer-lasting impression.

 5. Turn to the experts

Do remember that recruitment agencies and talent recruiters are essential to a career change or a new job. From advising and promoting you to connecting you with the right people, a  good recruitment company can make a huge difference to your networking capabilities.

If you’re looking for career advice, Ceek Recruitment is always here to help. Feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have.