How to make your cover letter stand out in 2021

Searching for a new job is tough. For many, writing an effective cover letter is a challenge. The first question most ask is Do I really need one? The answer is Yes! It’s your chance to distinguish yourself from everyone else.

Here are Ceek’s tips on how to make yours stand out...

Express the who in you

Your CV notes down all your experience and qualifications, which is necessary and important, but it’s no secret that companies are now delving deeper into finding the perfect match.

A cover letter should feel like you’re introducing yourself to the person who’s about to read your CV, generally someone who works in HR. While people who work in HR know what technical skills the current open position requires, they know that just as important as skills, is a great culture fit. Your cover letter will show them WHO you are – so make sure it truly represents you.

Keep it short

Less is more, quality over quantity – you’ve heard these sayings before, now it’s time to actually use them. A one-pager is more than enough for a cover letter.

Make it original

If the hiring manager has read 10 cover letters today, chances are 80% of them contain ‘To whom it may concern’ or ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. Try to find out the name of the person you’re addressing your cover letter to (this shows dedication), and if you’re using Google templates make sure you give it a personal twist, especially for creative jobs.

Show them you’re confident

Confidence isn’t only important at job interviews (we have some tips on that here) – the first step is to actually get the interview (virtual or otherwise). Don’t be arrogant, but don’t be afraid to show off your skills.

Don’t regurgitate your CV

When you’re sending a cover letter, your CV will be attached. There is no need to re-write or summarize what is on the next set of papers, but you can elaborate on them in a more narrative way.

Double-check your spelling

We know this sounds obvious, but re-read everything, or even better, get someone to read it for you. Typos will make any hiring manager cringe. And while we’re on the topic, make sure your cover letter is going to the right person for the right role (there’s nothing more embarrassing than forgetting to change titles!).

We want you to land your dream job, and Ceek is here to help. From guiding you on how to present yourself, to sorting through the endless lists of jobs, we can do all the work for you. And if you’re a hiring manager, get in touch to find your perfect match!