How to settle in your new remote job

Change is never easy. Starting a new job is certainly no walk in the park, and as if 2021 hasn’t brought enough stress with it already, we’ve now delved into relatively unchartered territory – starting a new job remotely.

Remote work is a new norm and starting a new job remotely is something we haven’t experienced much of yet. New challenges, new people…but same home office!

Here are some Ceek tips on how to settle in your new remote job and ace your first days!

Get to know the team

In every job, we have what we like to call ‘our nearest and dearest’. These are the people we’ll interact with most on a day-to-day basis, and if there’s anything that will help you get through the first hurdle of a new job, it’s getting to know these people as best you can.

When you introduce yourself to the team – let your personality shine through. On the other hand, if a meeting isn’t pre-planned, a quick 5 minute video call just to say hi to your team members one-on-one will work wonders for you in the near future.

Learn how your company communicates

Given that the office is generally no longer a place where you can warm up to things, you now need to work twice as hard to learn how your team communicates. When you’re at an office, it’s much easier to just pop your head out from your desk and ask the person closest to you ‘Hey! Can you help me with this?’.

These little interactions are, unfortunately, lost remotely, but the queries that come with them, are not. As a newbie, you need to catch on fast – some people are morning persons, others need their third cup of coffee to get started, others finish at 4pm, some start before the sun rises, and some stop to take care of children during the day. Learn these little habits to ensure you get the best out of each other.

Top Tip: Stay on track with what you may need to ask your peers – remaining aware of their preferred availability and method of communication.

Get yourself organised

Remote jobs are stressful, particularly in the beginning. Make sure to set up an office space as well as a scheduled routine.

Creating your ‘Zen’ space will make settling into your new remote job much easier. Decide where to set up your desk. If possible, find a space at home where you won’t be disturbed (a room where you can close the door is ideal). Other important factors to consider include comfort, lighting, and the technical side of things.

And finally, once you’ve got your weekly tasks in hand, it’s super important to prepare a work schedule including breaks. It’s so easy to work on your laptop for hours at a stretch without even realising it. It will help you manage your workload, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and reach your KPIs.

Whether you’re looking to work remotely or in-person in Malta, Ceek is ready to help you find that perfect jobGet in touch today – we want to help you!