How to build positive working relationships

A huge chunk of our day is spent working. So much time is invested in our work-life, and a by-product of this investment is our relationships with the people we work with. Having good working relationships is key to ensuring our days at work are not only productive but enjoyable.

Teamwork is essential in almost all industries, so we’ve put together some tips on how to build stronger working relationships to make your job easier...

Open and honest communication

All relationships require open and honest communication, and the same can be said for the ones we build at work. Whether by text, e-mail, face-to-face contact, or video call, how we communicate can have long-lasting effects on our relationships with our colleagues.

Always be truthful; genuinely think about what you want to say before saying it and try to be as available as possible for your colleagues. Great communication makes you a great leader, and being a great leader has no bearing on your job title. Whatever your role, your position, strive to better your communication to better your relationships.

Be positive

As cliché as this may sound, positivity is like a ray of sunshine in an office. We’ve all had bad days, and sometimes that one person can say something that really turns our mood around. Be that person. Be the person that people feel comfortable around, the person who’s empathetic, the person who automatically draws others in. Positivity will help you strengthen your relationships and make building new ones easier.

Show your appreciation

Most people truly work as hard as they can to reach goals and finish tasks at work. People struggle daily to keep the infamous work-life balance, so ensure that your team knows that you appreciate the effort they put into their work. A thank-you e-mail, a coffee in the morning, a round of applause during a team meeting…showing your gratitude need not be a well-thought-out plan; all you need is to put thought into what you’re doing.

Don’t shy away from the difficult conversations

It’s no secret that some conversations at work can be awkward or uncomfortable. Whether the conversation is about someone’s performance or their approach, nipping the problem in the bud is one of our more important recommendations for building stronger work relationships.

If problems simply get bigger, mending a relationship is a more difficult task than building it in the first place. Speaking clearly to someone about their shortcomings shows honesty, and honesty is respected. It’s not only respected by the person receiving it, but also by your peers and your team.

Be humble

No matter what position you occupy at your workplace, we cannot stress how important it is to always keep your feet firmly on the ground. While making yourself look good may help you in the short term, you may break down relationships that will become irreparable along the way. Mutual respect between colleagues is the basis on which strong relationships are often built.

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