How to onboard new team members remotely

New job. New routine. New people. New commute. New EVERYTHING! Starting out a new job, whatever the company or role, can be daunting for most people. As things currently stand, a number of companies have now started to onboard new employees remotely, and that comes with its own set of challenges. If you are currently onboarding remotely or will need to do so, check out Ceek’s best practices below!

Never underestimate pre-boarding!

Starting off on the right foot is important. Just like we encourage our candidates during their interview process to make a great first impression with their potential employers, we cannot stress the same for any company who have just brought on a new team member.

Pre-boarding is anything between speaking to a candidate to inform them they have been accepted, to their very first day as part of your team. From gathering documents to drafting contracts, to delivering any required equipment, ensure that this process is as smooth as possible. Checklists help not just you, but also the candidate – make sure yours are as rigorous and organised as possible.

Give them a Skype call the day before to go through everything they need. Your new employee will probably feel anxious because of the new job, so it’s your responsibility to put their mind at rest as much as you can with what you can.

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No new hire is the same

Each new team member you bring into your company is unique – they all have different characters, different roles, and different departments. As much as we love checklists and organisation, keep in mind that not everyone has the same requirements. A new HR hire, for example, will require more people-contact, more introductions, and more training on company policies than someone who works in IT.

We like to think of onboarding as a two-part process; the first part is all about admin, and the second part is all about the experience – it’s how new hires become new members. Make sure you tailor your onboarding experience to reflect this – it shows that for your company, people are not just a number. Assign a team member from the new member’s department as their online reference point should they need pointing in the right direction.

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Make them feel welcome

Like we said before, a new job can be daunting for anyone. It’s your job as a hiring manager to help your new colleague feel more at home at work – we do after all spend most of our time there!

Try some fun virtual team-building activities  The best tip we can give you here is to treat people like you would want to be treated, and to really go the extra mile. Fostering the right company culture when it comes to new hires is a very important task.

It’s scientifically proven that happy employees are productive employees, so starting off on the right foot will really give your new colleague the drive to perform and perform happily.

While some of the stresses of onboarding and pre-boarding are inevitable, you can be the reason someone wakes up excited on their second day at work.

At Ceek, we not only help potential hires but also hiring managers in their processes. We can meet your needs and exceed your expectations – so get in touch!